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Your data is not your own

Your data is not your own
written by
Planit Agency

Well, it happened. 你发现你的个人数据在最近一次备受关注的数据泄露事件中被收集. The inevitability of something like this happening was almost palpable, but you’re a relatively safe Internet user. 你定期修改密码,尽可能使用双因素识别. You monitor your accounts. By every measure you’ve done everything right, 那么,你的数据是如何被窃取的,以及如何防止未来数据被窃取?

From late 2013 through the end of 2014, Yahoo!黑客入侵了美国银行的系统,窃取了每个银行的账户数据 three billion users. In 2016, Adult Friend Finder had its systems hacked, exposing more than 412 million accounts. As late as March 29, 2018, Equifax将受2017年臭名昭著的数据泄露事件影响的消费者估计人数增加到超过 147.9 million. 最近有爆料称,Facebook不仅允许其第三方合作伙伴挖掘自愿提交表单的用户的账户数据, but also the account data of those users’ friends, 已经引发了对个人数据的神圣性的质疑,以及消费者应该知道多少他们的数据是如何被共享的. At last estimate, Facebook reported at least 87 million users had their data improperly shared.

Welcome to the data age

We’ve moved from the Internet age to the communications age, and now we find ourselves in the data age. Data is where the money is, and big data is where the big money is. 越来越多的公司正在收集消费者的几乎每一个行动的信息,并将其与成千上万的其他数据点中的任何一个关联起来,以便几乎在瞬间瞄准和重新瞄准同一消费者. 关于你的数据形成了一个非常完整的你是谁的图像, for better or worse, 变得更完整,无论你去哪里,实际上和地理位置-和你做的每一笔交易.

Meet the players

互联网数据游戏的三巨头无疑是Alphabet(谷歌的母公司), Amazon, and Facebook, with market capitalizations at the time of writing of $714B, $694B, and $466B, respectively. These players truly get the value of your data.

As Internet citizens, we use Google to learn about stuff; Google uses Google to learn stuff about you. 你曾经使用谷歌的每件事都有助于建立你的个人资料作为一个消费者, 包括你曾经用谷歌搜索引擎查找的每一个搜索词, every video of kittens you’ve ever watched on YouTube, and everywhere you’ve gone with your Android phone in your pocket. Your user agreement gives Google the right to mine your Gmail. Technically, as the parent to Nest, 如果你安装了他们的恒温器,该公司甚至可以知道你家里的温度.

亚马逊现在是世界领先的零售商,市值超过沃尔玛, Home Depot, Costco, Lowe’s, Target, Kroger, and Best Buy combined and 310 million users, over 100 million of whom are U.S. based Prime members. If there is a company that knows the profile of its users, it’s Amazon, an organization now responsible for 44% of all Internet sales.
Facebook, 而最近由于与剑桥分析公司的数据共享事件,股市遭受重创, is still one of the most powerful companies in the world. The social networking site sees more than two billion active monthly users, even while deleting one to two million bogus accounts per month. The most extraordinary aspect of Facebook as a company is how it grew, 而提供的只是一个让会员自愿分享信息的地方. And share willingly they did. Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1B, has an additional 700 million active accounts each month. WhatsApp, bought in 2014 for $19B, adds another 1.5 billion users. 这家以前不提供搜索引擎,也不卖任何东西的公司现在是全球最强大的广告平台 revenues that utterly dwarf those of the largest television networks, broadcast conglomerates, and cable/satellite television providers.

Who’s in control?

显而易见的事实是,试图控制你的数字数据可能比不得不处理泄露你所有个人信息的数据更具有破坏性. What’s out there is out there. 它超出了您的控制范围,并且目前在数据云中只有松散的保护. 在新兴的数字市场中,消费者保护立法进展缓慢, hackers from inside and outside the U.S. 继续利用安全缺陷暴露更多的数据, 本应保护个人数据的公司都失败了.

All is not lost

Accept that your movements, both physical and virtual, are being observed and logged unless you want to live like a hermit. Fretting over it isn’t going to make a difference. 实施那些你已经听过几十次的措施会产生影响吗.

  • 让你的密码长而复杂,并且让它们对你使用的每个网站都是独一无二的. 在不同的网站重复使用密码是一个坏主意,以防其中一个网站被黑客攻击. 马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在自己的Facebook账户遭到黑客攻击时尝到了惨痛的教训,黑客发现了他在另一个网站上使用的旧密码.
  • Dedicate a debit card to online purchases and electronic payments, 并在账户中保留最低余额,以支付每月的在线费用. 这同样适用于直接取款的支票账户.
  • Use two-factor identification with apps and websites that offer it. 被通知有人试图登录你的帐户从不同的设备是最简单的方法来保护你的谷歌和雅虎! accounts.
  • 使用指纹识别您的银行和投资移动应用程序(PNC银行, Capital One, Acorns, and Robinhood all have this feature).
  • 使用储蓄账户作为借方账户的透支保护时要小心. 如果黑客知道了你的借方信息,你的存款几乎立刻就会被抽干.
  • Do not give credence to any email received. 一定要直接通过发件人的网站(不要点击可疑邮件中的任何链接)或打电话给客户服务部门来核实任何可疑的细节. 如果人们不喜欢钓鱼邮件,你就不会在收件箱里收到它们.
  • 除非你拨打了电话,否则不要在电话上分享个人资料. 电话欺骗是从毫无戒心的应答者那里获取数据的一个重要策略.
  • 看看那些我们不加思索就盲目接受的网络使用协议吧. 如今消费者对隐私问题感到不安的大多数细节实际上都在这些协议中得到了解决.
  • 对你的信用报告实施监视,并锁定信用查询,直到你知道你需要他们.
  • 注册第三方产品,监控您的活动,以检测对您的数据的欺诈使用.

Remember, your data is not your own. It is flying around the Internet as we speak. 直到国会通过更严格的消费者保护立法,公司停止玩弄你的信息, diligence is your best protection, but it is no guarantee of immunity.